About Me

Hi, I'm Christie

Phoenix Story Coaching  Founder


I am just like you. I am not especially brave - just a lady who wanted to feel better; be different. I have risen from the ashes of many life-fires: trauma, cancer caregiving; chronic illness; business failure.  I now know myself as

Creator,  Resilient, Warrior, BASASS

Life is a teacher

I've been celebrated on national tv and cried in the shower the same day.  I've closed businesses in debt. I've thought I was the problem.  I've hated my body. I've struggled through illness. I've avoided stillness. I've forgotten what I enjoy.

In other words, I've been human.

I've learned.  

I'm unique, but my struggles are not.  I'm a successful wife, daughter, friend and 5x business creator.  I have survived my challenges and been forged by fire.

I know that you can succeed too.

You are just like me.

You have unique challenges.  And just like me - you can create the success you want in your life and business.  

At Phoenix Story Coaching, we put the science of human flourishing to work.

You create your best life - no matter your circumstances.


Why Phoenix Story Coaching?


Understanding the science of human flourishing, positive psychology, is the greatest gift of my life.  Without it, I wouldn't be here today.  And today is a really awesome place.

Heaven and hell are real places - they exist inside our minds.

I help you get clarity.  Uncover what you really want.

Make a plan that is simple to follow.

And execute & troubleshoot the plan.

I hold your hand or slay the monsters till we get there.


I'm certified



The Science of Well Being

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

MBSR Certification


Specialization, Positive Psychology Foundations

 How to reach your goals?


Stop Overthinking. Stop Waiting.



It's Time