Called "The Grown-up version of the
Yale course for Happiness"

Take the first step towards transformation.

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  • Assess your well-being, and the tools you can use. 

  • Quantify your current state of well being with a science backed assessment.
  • Discover the secrets of making habits sticky and choosing the right ones for you.
  • Practice the top performing scientific strategies to raise overall well being. 
  • Quantify your improvement through reassessment.  



  • Implement your unique, best skills

  • Utilize learned strategies to create permanent life skills.
  • Create new goals from a place of increased self awareness, confidence and strength



  • Achieve the success and joy you seek.

  • Get weekly live support & accountability to grow your resilience, success and happiness.
  • All journeys have bumps along the way - weekly coaching help you through the bumps.


The difference between you and the people creating their dreams?
They decide they are ready and take action.
Your joyful, successful, resilient life starts now - when you decide. 
I'm ready!
From Christie:

Your success is my purpose. You’re not in this alone.


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Christie is your jungle guide, making the way so that you can follow your path. Anyone who is a mom like me: isolated, care-giving, needs Christie.

-Shawn R. - Son-Rise Mom, Memoir Editor

Through Christie I was able to determine a direction for my life and create momentum that continues to drive my choices today.

-Kelly C. - Educator & Consultant

Christie explodes my mind. I love super intelligent people. She knows how to explain things in a way I can just nod yes to.

-Richard D. - Chairman, Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation

Because of only one coaching session, I enrolled a client at my highest sale ever. I am now paid twice as much. If you are an entrepreneur or a CEO, Christie can help.

-Andrew S. - Financial Planner, Wharton MBA

Christie is the grown up version of the Yale course for happiness. We need these foundational pieces to better understand our whys and go after what makes us truly happy.

-Shiney J. - Training & Development Director

My life realigned with my goals. I can now rely on the income that I never thought would be there. Because of Christie, my business is now moving at the momentum I want it to.

-Sloane T. - Photographer, Multi-Biz Owner

 Want a peek into the 12 Month Program? 

Assess, Integrate, and Achieve.

The Program is designed to help you Assess the most effective science backed strategies capable of increasing your happiness by 40%.

And to find the ones that work for you.

But we don't stop there.

Without the ability to Integrate new habits that stick, that knowledge is useless to you.

By Week 18, you will have a very different perspective on your life, your challenges, and your strengths. You'll have goals that are right for you, and have a plan to get them.

With these key pieces in place, it's time to Achieve.

The remainder of the course focuses on your specific goals, struggles and needs.  It's devoted to getting you the results you want, and trouble shooting when things get tough.

In the First 15 Weeks 

Intro - Take a science backed assessment to evaluate well being.

Week 1 – Habits & Rituals – create an awareness of current habits & rituals, both helpful and harmful.  Discover strategies to succeed with habit creation.  

Week 2 – Gratitude & Self Compassion – Notice what the mind does when we experience a set back in our habits.  

Week 3 – Mindfulness – Dispel myths about mindfulness and present different types and styles for students to ‘try on’, including 5 senses grounding and tonglen. 

Week 4 – Thought Awareness – Discover the gap between our circumstances and our actions.  Begin to notice what is happening within that gap. 

Week 5 – Quirky Qualities of the Mind – Notice the common quirks that get in our way of experiencing happiness and success. Learn mind hacks to move past them. 

Week 6 – Let’s get Physical – Discover how to quickly change your mental well being through the physical body.  Including Vagus Nerve Massage.

We Create a Foundation 

Week 7 – Success Survey – Learn to tame Imposter Syndrome and uncover your hidden strengths.

Week 8 – Purpose – Discover the power we have in writing our stories – and in choosing the story we live out into the future.

Week 9 – Kindness & Connection – Discover how relationship driven social actions support all other PERMA areas

Week 10 – Quirky Qualities of the Mind (Part II) – Notice even more common quirks that get in our way of happiness and success.  Learn to move past them.

Weel 11 – Character Strengths – Learn your top 5 character strengths and use them to solve a current challenge.

Week 12 – Achievement & Goals – Evaluate your current success in the course and plan for greater success.

Week 13 – Choose your Own Adventure – shhh – the details are a secret.

Week 14 – Note your Progress

Week 15 – Evaluate Your Experiment

Future You can't wait. Create your joyful, successful life today.



Get access to top-rated coaching & training, for the cost of your weekly copay.


I'm ready!
Frequently Asked Questions

Need a Bite Sized Course?

Register for the 6 week introductory course I'm offering in partnership with the State University of NY school, Hudson Valley Community College.  You get the first 6 weeks of the 12 Month Program.
Like it and want more? You can always upgrade to the 12 Month Program, and have your fees credited.

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